Understanding The Concepts Of A Search Engine

If you are not the technically oriented person to take search engine knowledge on the professional level, here is all that a common man needs to understand about them.

Three primary search engine concepts

The search engine will want to know where the page is relevant to in order to provide better search results to the users. It uses a few features of the website to establish the relevance of the page. For example, the domain name of the site is the most important feature indicating what the page holds. If the user does not spend too much time on the page and immediately clicks to the previous page, then you should think of making changes to your page. On the other hand, you should also make sure that you find out the keywords which the users type in to look for products that you are marketing. The search engine will also check the importance of the content in the page to the query and then present the search results. Just putting in good content will not suffice; marketing it should be done to ensure that the world knows it. Popularity is the third concept which is given importance by the search engine. This aspect does not apply to all queries asked by the users. For example, when the user asks for ‘hottest movies’, it indicates that popularity should be considered by the engine. This is useful for news portals. One way to ensure popularity is to make the content emotionally effective to the readers like a video in place of written content.

Secondary search engine concepts

Segmentation is another aspect which a global business should consider. For example, a pizza chain store operating all over the country cannot provide the same results to a person enquiring from Boston as well as an enquiry from Los Angeles. This is where localisation needs to be applied. This implies that tailor made content should be provided to the places from which the query is sent. Also, the uniqueness of the company should be brought out in the website to create awareness. Diversity is a concept which is followed by most of the engines. This means to say that every third result to a query is different from that of the first two because after seeing similar results in the two pages, the browser will not like to see the same a third time. This is also termed as ‘query deserves diversity’. Quality of the content posted on the sites is important to the search engine. It ensures there is no plagiarism and low quality content with a lot of grammatical errors. Such sites will not be given a good ranking when they are put through a quality check. Valid practices ethical in nature should be carried out by the SEO professionals. This is the trust which the search engines will put in the website owners. Ethical ways of optimising their websites is very much needed to prevent the quality algorithms from hitting the sites.

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