Goodness of bamboo wrapped in a towel

Bamboo as a fabric is slowing taking over its long run competitor cotton in the textile industry. Since it is easy to grow and biodegradable it has easily substituted cotton. Used in various products like towels, blankets, sheets, clothing and more, bamboo is slowing taking over as the preferred material and invading numerous households around the globe. Bamboo has the advantage of possessing the natural silk like quality and softness like cashmere for which it has gained popularity among the people.

Bamboo products are widely available online and the ones that are available in malls are of higher price because they are made of good quality. Bamboo towels have much goodness which makes it a better washroom accessory than simple cotton ones. Due to its antibacterial properties it does not need to be washed with strong detergents since it may ruin the fabric. Using soap nuts or soft soaps will help to maintain the towels better and sustain its durability.

Take a look at why you should switch to a towel made from bamboo from that made of cotton.
In order to keep the environment free from further damage, there has been a significant change in the preference pattern of choosing textiles. People are opting for bamboo because of its rich characteristics which makes it more preferable than other fabric materials. So
why should you use bamboo towels?

Here’s why:

•  It is one of the earth friendly and prolific products that grow quickly. So the bamboo yarn is easy to obtain in order to make various bamboo products including towels.

•    It does not require any harmful chemicals or pesticides to grow. In contrast it has great anti bacterial properties that is very good for sensitive skin and helps in healing allergies and other skin rashes like eczema. So when you are using these towels you are not only benefitted from the fabric itself but also help soothe the allergies.

•    Bamboo yarn is three times softer than cotton and twice as absorbent as cotton-bamboo blend. Therefore it has the quality of quickly absorbing moisture from the body leaving your skin dry and soft in minutes.

•    The towels come in various sizes including bath towels, face towels and hand towels. And each has been designed to suit the purpose of the individual. They are sized well and give luxurious softness when you wrap yourself in these towels which are quite unlike a cotton one.

•    A good towel is generally tested and approved by the CSIRO of being made of 100% bamboo so that you get quality product at a good price.  

It is due to these features that towels made of bamboo are the hygienic choice for bathrooms. The cost of the towels depends on the kind of towel you are using and since it needs no pesticides to grow, so it has no poisonous run offs into rivers. Towels or as a matter any product made from bamboo is a good utility and can be a good investment. So switch to bamboo towels and treat yourself to a fantastic post bathing experience.

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