Know More on Slate Roof

A slate roof is made from slate. This is a type of metamorphic rock and is highly durable. This is a perfect choice for roofing in Indianapolis. It is common to see slate roofing where slate is a natural abundant. Slate shingles can also be shipped to other parts of the country. Like other roofing types, slate roofs have both pros and cons. Let’s learn on them in this article.

What are the pros of slate roof?

Slate roof gives a unique and beautiful appearance and also can lasts for long. In this section, there are some popular reasons why homeowners prefer to install slate roofs in Indianapolis. First & foremost is homeowners are more attracted towards slate because of the beauty. Furthermore, slate roof tiles offer different choices than most home owners realize. These kinds of roofing are available in various sizes, colors like purple, black, blue, red and mottled tiles that have a mix of different colors. Second most advantage is the longevity of the roofs. It can easily last for more than 30 years. Unlike other roofing materials, slate roof tiles are completely fire resistance. This is a biggest pro when it comes to preventing fire that is caused by fire work or from adjacent house fire.

What are the cons of slate roofs?

The most notable cons when it comes to slate roof installation on your home is the high cost. Most of the roofing contractors in Indianapolis as well as general contractors know less about slate roofs. When hiring a roofing contractor, ensure to enquire on their experience and skills regarding slate roofs. Poorly installed roof is like no roof at all. Another con is the weight of the slate roof is somewhere between 800 to 1600 pounds. Before getting them installed, you need to evaluate the house if it can withstand that heavy weight. Fragility of a slate roof is a big negative point for most of the home owners. You get aAC contractor to work on your AC on the roof top and if he busts down a bunch of tiles, then replacing them is not an easy job. This makes it impossible to find a replacement tile to give a perfect match with the rest. As mentioned earlier, the slate roof costs are much higher and this is the biggest con. This can make a huge initial investment if you choose to go for slate roof.

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