Dulux Painting Services by Barker-Whittle

[MELVILLE, 01/03/2014] –  Barker-Whittle, one of the most respected painting contractors in Perth, is proud to be an accredited painting company of Dulux, regarded as Australia’s premium paint brand. The company shares that they only use Dulux paints in residential and commercial painting projects to deliver high-quality work and satisfy different project requirements.

Trusted Name for Dulux Paint Applications

As a Dulux accredited painter, Barker-Whittle takes pride in meeting the strict criteria necessary to provide superior painting services to all clients. The Melville-based contractor shares that their ethos revolves around exceptional worksmanship, reliability, and safety. Each of their highly skilled painters possesses strong quality assurance and environment-friendly practices.

The company explains that they earned their title by achieving high industry standards in every job they work on. Barker-Whittle combines their extensive experience in residential and commercial painting with their commitment in delivering world-class customer service. Their success lies in their ability to listen to the unique demands of clients and to eliminate even the smallest cause of concern.

Responsibility and Accountability

According to Barker-Whittle, clients do not have to just take their word when they say they can deliver all the promises they make. The company explains that they signed an ethical and professional standards agreement, and has public liability insurance as a proof of their integrity. They add that their strict compliance with environmental legislations,  along with air and noise quality guidelines, separates them from other painting contractors.

Barker-Whittle use sustainable solutions to help take care of the environment and use best practice waste management systems. They give clients the option to choose low VOC Dulux paints for their project, which contains almost no smell and cause far less air pollution.

About Barker-Whittle

Barker-Whittle is an award-winning painting company serving the Perth metro. The company provides a range of services for residential, commercial and industrial clients at competitive rates. They are a proud member of many organisations, including the Master Painters Association, the Building Commission of Western Australia and the Housing Industry Association of Australia.

Clients can request a free quote from the company on their website.