LLEAGOO Introduces LEAGOO M5: The Ultimate Choice for Shock-Proof Smartphone with Nano All-Metal Closed Frame

LEAGOO is introducing their latest product LEAGOO M5, which is the ultimate choice for shockproof smartphone that is equipped with nano all-metal closed frame. The up-and-coming brand that has been known for its line of smartphones is now releasing another surprising smartphone with a nano all-metal closed frame and 2.5D bulletproof screen.

It is given that the frame has a role in improving the impact resistance of the entire frame of the phone. This is what the company has focused on with the creation of M5 as it is well crafted to ensure that it is perfectly compact with both the back cover and front is an innovative feature that is new in the smartphone industry since most smartphone nowadays has less resistance capability as the frames have breaks.

In addition to the feature mentioned, the LEAGOO M5 takes pride with its 2.5D military bulletproof screen that makes it invulnerable unlike the screens of most smartphones these days. The glass used with the M5 is not only made to stand against shock but also against any form of scratching. Regardless of what a user would like to try with its screen, they are guaranteed to always enjoy the smooth touch on the screen.

Along with the 2.5D glass is the 5.0” high definition display that boasts 1280x720 screen resolution. This guarantees users to get amazingly vivid images of anything. It also has a 900:1 contrast ratio that delivers sharp images as well as rich color that is a great advantage for those who are fond of watching movies or sports on their phones.

Among the impressive features that the LEAGOO M5 has to offer is its fingerprint identification that can be found on its back. It boasts its ultimate speed response to unlock the phone with a speed of 0.19 seconds. The sensor has been upgraded to provide better and quicker experience to users when unlocking the unit or performing other things like taking a selfie, locking an app or even flipping web pages.

The LEAGOO M5 has a lot of features to offer that are all meant to give a more enjoyable user experience that people may not experience with their current smartphones. From the camera to battery performance, users can expect only the best from this latest unit from the company.

LEAGOO made sure that the M5 unit will provide users one of the most important features that they have long wanted to enjoy with their smartphones and this is the shock proof feature.

To get more information about the newest unit from LEAGOO, feel free to visit the specific page on their website about this unit at . Those who want to take a look at proofs on how tough LEAGOO M5 is, watch the shock proof testing video on YouTube at

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