Carmen Online Theater Group's Diamond is Forever to be Featured in 2016 HEAR Now: The Audio Fiction and Arts Festival

Washington, DC  4-20-2016

The original dark comedy audio horror, Diamond is Forever, written by Horror Maven Liane Moonraven, Creator and President of The Carmen Online Theater Group, was selected to be featured in the four-day HEAR Now Festival. The annual event is considered a gathering place where the work of master storytellers is celebrated and shared. The event includes audio story-telling in all its forms: live and scripted solo performances, multi-voiced performance, classic radio drama, experimental narrative, and more. 

Moonraven, a rising star author/film producer in the horror industry, has penned several horror e-books including, The Ravens and The Broken Sword. Her Carmen Online Theater Group, is an internationally staffed group of actors and voice over artists who also produce The Burbs, a popular online audio horror podcast. 

"I am so proud that Diamond is Forever was selected to be featured in the prestigious HEAR Now Festival," said Moonraven. "I hope festival participants find "Diamond," both entertaining and surprising," she said.

Moonraven and her producing partners just wrapped up filming in the UK of their first horror feature film titled, Clarington, Darkness Awakens

The 2016 HEAR Now Festival kicks off June 9-12, in Kansas City, MO

To interview Liane Moonraven, Creator of Diamond is Forever and President of The Carmen Online Theater Group, contact Publicist Tandi Wilder of She Got Game Media (305-520-9703).