SantaMedical Tens Unit is The Best Device for Treatment of Chronic Pain

The Best Tool for Pain Management

Tired of looking for solutions to do away with chronic pain, fed up of medication for pain management, then Santamedical’s Tens Unit is your solution. It is the best device for the treatment of chronic pain and muscle problems.

Tens Unit is highly recommended by medical practitioners and pharmacists for its remarkable features and functions. Some of the features which make it a unique product are listed below:

•    It is the one stop solution to problems like muscle soreness, stiffness, stress and chronic pain.
•    The tens unit comes with four attached pads, which can be used simultaneously on different body parts or it can be used by two persons at the same time.
•    The unit comes with a high quality LCD screen which displays the style intensity and time of each session.
•    It is equipped with intelligent memory which can store previous readings of the style, intensity and time of the session, which is helpful for further treatment planning.
•    One can choose from three massage modes, according to their needs and intensity of the problem.

The Tens unit is highly recommended by doctors and pharmacists for pain management. It is a multipurpose device with adjustable intensity levels, massage modes and time saver. It is used by people of all ages, as it is very easy to set and operate and comes with a user manual.

Santamedical’s Tens unit can be used single handily, it is user friendly and good gifting option for the elderly.  The unit is a great pain healer and relaxer. People with chronic pain, muscle weakness and stiffness can use it on regular basis to manage their problems. It comes with four electrodes, batteries and a carry case and is available at reasonable rates.