Area Company Creates Durable, Versatile Pool Borders

West Palm Beach, FL, June 24, 2014 - Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches, local pool and pool deck experts, are creating beautiful and long-lasting pool borders from brick pavers. Clay brick pavers, which are known to be stylish and low-maintenance, offer character to the border of any pool.

Brick pavers are a great option for those who want a custom pool border that is also strong and long-lasting. When professionally installed, brick pavers will not crack or chip. If repair is needed or expansion is desired, brick pavers allow for easy replacement, add-ons, and access to areas beneath the surface. A natural drainage system, the high number of joints present in a brick paver surface allows for maximum drainage from rain or pool water.


The visual appeal of brick pavers is another great feature. With many shades of brick available, brick pavers can be used to create a custom border around any pool. Designs are custom-created by Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches and can range from one-color solids to intricate patterns of many shades.


The desirable texture of brick pavers make them a great choice for decorating any pool border. When the edges are beveled, brick pavers are very comfortable for bare feet. Brick pavers also have a natural texture that allow for a skid-proof surface.


About Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches


Established in 1987, Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches has provided clients with over twenty-six years of excellent customer support and superior services. Offering friendly professional services such as pool installation and maintenance, pool deck design and construction, and outdoor kitchen construction, Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches takes pride in giving each client a high-quality experience.


A pool company that clients can depend on, Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches offers free consultations for their services. In addition, the licensed Pool and Spa Contractor gives a $25 discount to anyone who requests a free consultation.


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