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Real + Horror = Effective.

Add all of that to the context of these poor human beings’ natural, primal desire to assist someone as innocent as a baby in need, and POOF! You’ve got yourself a killer viral video in the form of a Reality Prank.

The idea’s devil speaks.

The irony of the “devil” on my shoulder being the one to tear down a marketing idea about the devil has not escaped me. That said, let’s hear him out. An idea like this one that prays upon innocent victims in a way this horrific is going too far. Is it necessary to violently and shockingly pray on countless human beings’ innate drive to help this innocent, possibly lost, baby just so that a movie – a MOVIE – can be better promoted?

Is it even ethical?

But worse to me is the strategic problem I have with the idea. How good a movie can it be if, because of this prank, we’ve already seen the devil child, not to mention the wires and cables that operate it. To anyone who watches this prank, that little monster is now completely demystified and rendered nearly impotent of all its horror. Rosemary’s Baby was a great horror movie because the director, Roman Polanski, only showed us the baby at the very end. The monster in our minds is far scarier than the monster even the most brilliant make-up artist can muster.

Final judgment.

On the one hand, the idea is very creative, as provocative as can be, and thematically tied very strongly to the product the film makers are selling. But, on the other hand, it’s a mean-spirited and nasty stunt that shocks people in a very personal, primal way, which makes me wonder if this idea has gone too far.

For my final judgment I looked inwards. Was there a change in my own personal desire to see this movie now that I’ve seen this Reality Prank?  Keep in mind I love horror movies that involve the mind of the viewer. Like The Omen, Rosemary’s Baby, or The Blair Witch Project. But, as good as this Reality Prank was creatively, the filmmakers completely demystified the monster and left nothing to my imagination.

Now, it could be that the actual film will not show this baby at all, and will be a horror film on par with those listed above. But that doesn’t matter right now as I sit here, part-way down the purchase funnel, waffling between consideration and purchase.

A demon baby in a parentless pram has been let loose on the streets as part of a viral publicity campaign for new horror movie Devil’s Due, released on Friday.

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As people approach the remote-controlled buggy to check that the child inside is alright, the possessed robotic baby shocks them by sitting up suddenly and screaming blue murder.

On a deadly mission to destroy, 'devil baby' chases people as they run away and projectile vomits.

The entertaining reactions have been captured on video and shared on YouTube, but Mashable has reported that the surprise may be feigned, as is common with viral videos.

It was all part of a promotion for an upcoming movie, but it gave New Yorkers quite a scare!

An animatronic "devil baby" was put in a remote-controlled stroller and left unattended.

Unsuspecting people approached the carriage, only to be terrified by what they saw. Hidden cameras recorded people's reactions.

The stunt was to promote the movie "Devil's Due", which is in theaters on Jan. 17.

The movie Devil's Due, a horror story about a demon fetus and its vicious attack on a sweet, newlywed couple, is 95% percent improvisation. The rest is all screaming.

Devil's Due, created by the directorial collective of Radio Silence isn't a found footage movie, it's a "point-of-view" movie. This makes sense as this group of directors — who all worked on the film despite the DGA limiting the amount of director you can credit per movie — came from YouTube fame (as well as the VHS series). We sat down with the group of creators (made up of Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, Tyler Gillett, Chad Villella, Justin Martinez) to talk about how weird it is that a bunch of childless men made a movie about an evil pregnancy, and how they went about crafting a film that was almost all improv. (FYI, because there were four people in this interview, it has been edited.)