Chitchatchannel.Com, A New Quality-Content Social Network Goes Crowdfunding And Serves-Up A Beta Version


Montreal, Quebec (May 2, 2014) - is a new Social Networking platform that offers presenters free Channels in text & image. Participants can pay for a series of pre-determined creative works, which presenters commit to providing.

ChitChatChannel is looking to raise funding on the Crowdfunding site, This initiative is aimed for raising fund. It has simultaneously come up with its beta version for the public on its website.

Charles Okwuobi, a Business Systems Analyst in the banking industry, who is also a self-published author, says on, of self-publishing creative works, “I believe it pulls quality content providers too far into self-marketing and away from the creative process.”

He believes there is a market for people who appreciate quality content enough, to pay for them, if offered under the right conditions. He says “Providers can present their works in bits, like books in chapters, or art work in sets, or lectures in a body of works, or celebrity tweets as a series of reality shows in text and graphic- if they told audiences what content to expect and how many such works will be delivered within a specified period like a month.” This according to him, is offered in exchange of one of 3 monthly prices of $10, $100, or $1000 that ChitChatChannel allows presenters to offer participants enabling presenters to find their level of comfort, while building a paying followership and focusing on content creation.

The fund contributors would be given special advantages and recognitions, for contributing for the campaign on Indiegogo. Those, who would contribute $25, would get mentioned on the social media network of the company and a free subscription, worth $10, to surf any channel of the campaign owner, for a month. Contributors, who would contribute $50, would be entitled to enjoy 3 subscription and free subscription of $20, to set up the contents on their free channel. Contributors of $10 would be able to have 10 free subscriptions, worth $10 or 2 free subscription of $100 and PLUS 3 free subscription of $20.The contributors of $1000 would be encouraged by the company, by offering Wall of Fame and VIP pass to the company, using which, one can join the backstage of ChitChatChannel.

The fund raising program started on April 28, 2014 and would be continued till the midnight of May 19, 2014. Charles looks for funding from the public. The beta version of ChitChatChannel has simultaneously been released to the public. The concept is that, everyone will at some point be a presenter as well a participant, because “Everyone has some genius”, as the website says.

ChitChatChannel has come up with a fund raising campaign. This campaign would continue till, May 19.

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Charles can be reached at: 514-655-9399
Montreal, Quebec