Quest University Canada announces the Winter 2015 Continuing Education Program line up

SQUAMISH, BRITISH COLUMBIA, January 14, 2015 – Following the incredible success of the Quest University Canada’s inaugural Continuing Education Program last year, Quest is offering an expanded set of 18 unique and interesting courses this winter. Varying in length from one-day to eight-weeks, the topics will vary greatly from global warming, mathematical problem-solving and Spanish, to drama therapy, classical music and Photoshop. The goal of the program is for Quest to connect with the community by providing its facilities and expertise to enrich the Sea to Sky Corridor’s living and learning environment.

“It was a true delight to host our program this fall. The reviews from our instructors were unanimously positive; they found the experience rewarding, not only because it provided them with an opportunity to connect with the community, but because it also gave them a sense of how engaged the community is,” says Quest Continuing Education Programming Coordinator, Luce Mélançon. “We are heartened by the response and are grateful to everyone for helping us make this outreach effort so successful.”

Most courses this term will start the week of February 16, with a few beginning in March and April. In response to community feedback, an effort was made to include a number of weekend options so busy commuters and full-time workers can also partake in the programming.

The Winter 2015 Continuing Education Program will include the following. For a full menu of the season’s courses, visit

Unleashing Your Creativity and Innovation as a Way of Being
(in Everyday Life)
– Simon Goland, Guest Tutor, Educator & Facilitator, Quest University Canada - Many of us grew up not seeing or unleashing our creative capabilities. The premise of this course is that we all have creative capacity and potential. This highly practical and experiential course will assist students in discovering their creativity through application of a variety of methods, tools, and approaches.

6-weeks/ Wednesdays, Feb. 18 – 25, 6:30 – 8:30 pm. Course fee: $185

Water Scarcity at Home and Abroad – Rich Wildman, Tutor Physical Sciences, Quest University Canada - Is the world running out of fresh water? What is the “Global Water Crisis” that is sometimes described by the news media? Why are we in Squamish asked to conserve water each summer when our rivers are flowing with snowmelt and our winter is rainy? Join Quest faculty member Rich Wildman for a wide-ranging course that considers the science, economics, politics, and engineering of water scarcity around the world. We will also talk about the specific challenges facing Squamish to see how ideas playing out across the globe unfold in our own valley.

8-weeks/Mondays, Feb. 16 – April 6, 7 – 9 pm, Course fee: $245

Three Chords and the Truth: Crafting an Expressive Song - Adam Hill, Guest Tutor, Composer and Songwriter – Through this course we will explore what makes a song work, both musically and as an expression of emotion. We will discuss aspects of form, harmony, melody, and lyrical prosody. If you love music and have a curiosity about how it works; if you are a bedroom songwriter wanting to hone your skills; or even if you've never written a song in your life, but have always wanted to try—this course is for you.
6-weeks/ Tuesdays, Feb. 17 – March 24, 7 – 9 pm. Course fee: $185

Beat Insomnia the Relaxing Way - Vita Kolodny, Guest Tutor, Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner and Nurse - In this workshop you will learn about 1) the effects of unremitting stress and daytime busy-ness on your ability to sleep restfully at night, 2) short movement sequences you will be able to practice during the day to reduce the effects of daytime stress, and 3) night time movements you can do in bed to lull yourself into restful sleep or return to sleep after night time awakenings. No drugs involved.
1-day/Saturday February 21, 1 – 4 pm, Course fee: $50

What is Morality? – Andrea Purton, Guest Tutor and Visiting Tutor, Quest University Canada - Is morality just a matter of opinion? How do we decide between good and bad? Do humans naturally help each other, or are we all really just selfish? Can science answer any moral questions? Alongside these big questions we will look at current controversial issues. Is meat eating unethical? Should the law be changed for assisted suicide? Is Edward Snowden a hero or a traitor? What is biopiracy? You may come away from this class with more questions than answers, but along the way there will be plenty of discussion, questioning, and exploring ideas.
4-weeks/Wednesdays, February 18 – March 11, 7 – 9 pm. Course fee: $125

Learn How You Can Start Your Business – Maurice Lavergne, Guest Tutor, Corporate Trainer and Business Consultant - While you may possess a healthy, growing portfolio of marketable skills, this course will provide you with the fundamental tools needed to become a successful entrepreneur. It is designed for you to create a self-employment action plan and gain a new perspective of a Business Plan versus a Career Plan. In this two-day course you will learn about key elements such as banking and financing, marketing, and pricing, and together we will work on creating your Business Plan Road Map to Success.
2-days/Saturday, February 21 – Sunday, February 22, 9 am – 4 pm. Course fee: $185

About Quest University Canada:

Quest University Canada, the country’s first independent, not-for-profit, secular university opened its doors in September 2007 in Squamish, British Columbia. Quest’s simple philosophy is that education, in its truest sense, comes not from providing the right answers, but from learning how to ask insightful questions. This philosophy has driven the development of a campus and a curriculum focused on producing broadly educated individuals with an informed perspective on the problems of the twenty-first century, and the integrative abilities to address them. To find out how they achieve this visit: 

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