Franklin Virtual High School Announces Test Prep Courses

Franklin Virtual High School is an online high school offering classes for students who want to receive their high school diploma either part time or full time. The virtual high school also offers class studies for adults 18 and older. The program is offered through qualified tutoring and a live, certified teaching staff.

Students that have been enrolled with Franklin Virtual High School distant leaning ( ) are also given the opportunity to gain insight on the ACT and SAT test prep classes. The test prep classes are designed to help improve college entrance and state mandated exam performance.

Franklin Virtual High School is an accredited online high school ( ) created for students to work at their own pace and on their own time. The interactive SAT ACT Prep programs are fully-featured, interactive classes designed to accommodate individual needs, learning abilities, and learning styles. A systematic pre-assessment helps to identify and accommodate the individual learning abilities of each student. The pre-assessment will help the student understand their capabilities and identify weaknesses of the topics and help focus their study habits. This helps determine areas needing improvement in order to help the student prepare to be as successful as possible on the exams.

The outline of the class includes, video lectures, homework, practice, concrete examples, vocabulary, journaling and administering the final quiz. The online system is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days of the year to complete coursework. This enables the student to schedule times best suited for them while preparing the test taker for what to expect. Preparation on this level helps to reduce anxiety when the test day takes place.

The pricing of the prep courses ( ) are billed at a one-time monthly price. Franklin Virtual High School is constantly researching ways to fit the individual needs of each learner to help them create a successful future.

About Franklin Virtual High School:

FVHS is an online school dedicated to providing students with a choice in quality education.

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