Pegasus Lodges Announces New Ambassador, Grant “Twiggy” Baker

SAN FRANCISCO, CA. – November 14, 2014 – Perhaps the driving essence of life involves risk. In every adventure there’s some form of it, big or small. And perhaps it’s adventure, or a long series of them that make up what it is to live. It’s surely what makes life exciting and real. From scraping into a lurching set-wave to holding your newborn in your arms for the very first time — these are risks that make our beating hearts thank us.

One such adventurer is Grant “Twiggy” Baker. Twiggy grew up surfing in his native South Africa, cutting his teeth on the breaks around Durban in the Bay of Plenty. The beach was a way of life for him and his family, but as far as surfing went, Twiggy craved…well, more. “It started with a group of crazy friends in Durban when I was young and then progressed to J-Bay, Cape Town, and Dungeons,” says Baker. “I eventually ended up meeting Greg Long and Grant Washburn at the Big Wave Africa event which led me to Maverick’s as a long shot. The rest is history.”

“History,” because it was at Maverick’s in 2006 where Twiggy carved his name into big wave surfing annals. “I was placed last (12th) on the alternate list for the Maverick’s event. There was a voting format used to choose the alternate allowed into the main event and I just made it. The South African surfing population mobilized behind me and I was voted into the comp.” Really, Baker was excited just to be able to go. Ironically, he ended up winning the contest — an amazing feat for a first-time alternate. This was also where Twiggy’s life as a big wave surfer changed forever. 

Since then Twiggy has not only become a professional big-wave surfer, but he’s traveled around the world chasing the largest swells, exploring and discovering new waves and competing on the ASP Big Wave World Tour. He won the 2008 Red Bull Big Wave Africa Title and multiple awards at the XXL Big Wave Awards such as: Biggest Wave (‘07,’09), Overall Performance (‘09) and Ride of the Year (‘10). Coming full circle, earlier this year he won his 2nd Maverick’s Invitational and was crowned the ASP 2013-14 Big Wave World Champion.  

Most recently, after visiting Telo Island Lodge, Baker partnered with Pegasus Lodges, a rapidly growing high-end surf hospitality company with current operations in Indonesia and Samoa. “I’m lucky enough to travel and surf for a living and Pegasus stands out as the most authentic and fully-integrated provider I’ve seen. I want to share my experience from a lifetime of surf travel and help Pegasus grow. Anytime you decide to travel for surf, you’re relying on nature to supply the experience. Lots of parameters need to connect in that aspect, but the inherent risk and authentic nature of that chance is what leads to some of the best experiences to be had out there. Places like the Telo Island Lodge and Aganoa Lodge Samoa remove all of the guess-work and get you as close as you can get to that authentic surf travel experience without the headaches. I’ve found a gem. I want more.” 

Surfing isn’t the only area Twiggy excels and finds his thrills in. While partnering with Pegasus, Baker is also a 41-year-old established business owner. The South African distributor for Vissla apparel, Twiggy’s also a partner in what he describes as a “rock n roll” bar in South Africa. 

But even more impressive is Baker’s family endeavor. They operate a unique orphanage in Inanda Kwazulu. “It’s based on the family unit idea from Uganda which aims to emulate family environments for the children,” says Baker. “We now have hundreds of children we are actively helping.” Indeed Baker’s charitable background lends itself well to the Pegasus Foundation, which continually focuses on giving back to the local communities and preserving the native cultures in which our lodges are located.

From globetrotting to winning awards to operating multiple businesses, Twiggy’s got a pretty full schedule, but nothing keeps him from traveling and discovering places that many people on this planet may never see; continually finding adventures, taking risks, truly living life for all its worth.

“We are pleased to welcome big wave surfer, Grant Twiggy Baker, to the Pegasus family,” says CEO Ryder Thomas. "Twiggy personifies the spirit of surf exploration and we are excited to collaborate with him to identify and explore future Pegasus locations as well as to expand awareness of our existing properties. We look forward to sharing Twiggy’s journey on the Big Wave World Tour and his new adventures with Pegasus.”

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Pegasus Lodges & Resorts was born from our simple desire to experience and share the world’s most beautiful surfing locations. Long before the king sized beds, air-conditioned rooms, Wi-Fi connections, spa treatments and manicured grounds, it was all about the waves. And it still is. Our lodges began as dreams, decades ago, when we were exploring remote regions.  Those early days seem like another life: leaky boats, dead end roads, warm beer, no beer, hunches that led to nowhere, and, occasionally, spectacular secrets uncovered. While our properties today are a far cry from those origins, we remain deeply connected to our surf-seeking roots. And that’s why — though we offer a polished and refined surf holiday product — we’ll always be in touch with that spirit of adventure. While the 18-hour ferry rides may have been replaced with a private plane — and we delight in providing you with the best of every service and amenity — we are still unashamedly surf focused. It’s what we do because it’s what we love.