Last Man Standing is Available to Play & Buy RS 07 Cheap Gold

Last Man Standing is a player-versus-player mini-game. Now this mini-game consisting of 25 outcasts has hit Runescape. 24 players are transported onto an island and they must fight for survival with nothing and their prayer points severely drained. Here changes and versions of Last Man Standing are revealed. For cheap OSRS gold for sale, RSorder is your first and best choice.

Versions of Last Man Standing

There are two versions of Last Man Standing to choose from: casual and competitive.

Casual is a risk-free version of the game mode played for fun. You'll be able to practice the minigame and get to grips with its different elements without having to put any money on the line.

Competitive is a risky, rewarding version of the minigame. There is a 100k entry fee and a 1.5m prize for the winner. Players in the top few runner up positions will also receive a smaller prize.

Changes made to Last Man Standing since beta

Since the final Last Man Standing beta, we've made a number of changes to the minigame:

Using a Bloody Key now heals the player to full Hitpoints.

A small number of items have been added to the store.

All items have been assigned a value to appear in a better order when a player dies.

Players are no longer able to drop items above a certain value to ensure the Player who kills them, gets the valuable items.

Packs can now be sold to the shrines.

The Redemption prayer has been disabled.

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