6 Tips on Moving Your Dogs or Cats to a New Home

So you’ve scheduled the movers, packed your bags and did everything you possibly could to have the smoothest move ever, except you forgot one thing – Your pet.

Dogs and cats are creatures of habits, so generally any change or major move can be stressful on them. Below, we’ve compiled 5 tips on what you should do when you’re moving with a pet.

Before the Move

1.      Prepare Everything Weeks in Advance: Before you move, make sure you get a pet ID with your new address and contact information on it. If your pet is micro-chipped, make sure that information is updated. If you plan on riding in the car with your pet, be sure to have a carrier ready for them. If your pet is not used to being in a carrier, have them sit in it for a few hours every day before the move.

2.      Visit the Vet:  Visit the veterinarian to make sure all of your pet’s shots are up to date. Whether you’re moving long distance or just down the street, you want to make sure they’re protected from any parasite or germs that may cause them illness. If you know your pet is especially prone to anxiety in new environments or if you’re traveling with your pet on a plane, be sure to also ask your veterinarian what they recommend to keep them calm.

3.      Introduce Your Pet to Your New Home before You Move: If possible, let your pet visit their new home before you move. Letting them become familiar with the environment may help lessen their anxiety the day it happens.  

Moving Day 

4.      Words of Encouragement: On moving day, shower your pets with words of encouragement. When you’re stressed, they’re stressed, so as cheesy as it sounds, make sure they know everything is going to be alright.

5.      Pet Sitters: During all of the commotion, sometimes the best thing to do is place your pet in day care or a pet sitting service. Many dogs and cats become anxious when they see strangers come in and out of their home and may bark or run away. Additionally, if you board your pet, it’ll give you the chance to set up your new home in preparations for them.

After the Move

6.      Prepare Your Home: When you bring your pet to your new home, remember to put away any box cutters, scissors and other dangerous items. While you may have a lot of unpacking to do, try to keep areas clear for your furry friend to safely move around in.

Making Them Feel Comfortable: As your pet explores their space, keep out their favorites toys, bed and treats to make them feel comfortable. The sooner they adapt to their new environment, the sooner you can both enjoy your new home.

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