(TRAVPR.COM) UNITED KINGDOM - January 8th, 2014 - Travel insurance experts Direct Travel Insurance have launched a fun new online game called Pack It In, where you could win the top prize of a £300 Amazon Gift Card or one of 7 runner up prizes of £100 Amazon Gift Cards.

The challenge is to pack luggage for four different holidays with the right gear for each trip ­– something that needs speedy thinking and rapid reactions. After all, a beach ball won't be much use on the ski slopes! The game can be found at

With 20 years of travel insurance experience, the experts at DTI know holidaymakers have different habits when it comes to preparing for a trip. Some people plan their packing weeks ahead, ironing absolutely everything they'll need and making neat piles of shorts, tops and undies. Others throw everything together at the last minute, stuffing clothes and shoes higgledy-piggledy into a holdall as their airport taxi idles outside.

Packing for one person should be straightforward, but packing for a family of seven is obviously much trickier – though the throw-it-all-in method still seems to work well! Of course, what's important is to pack the right clothes and accessories for the right holiday, and that's the basis of DTI's new Pack It In! online game:

All the luggage on flight DTI500 has been mixed up and the task is to put the correct items into the correct suitcases. A bobble hat and ski jacket are clearly right for a winter sports holiday, while sunglasses and a beach ball must be going to the seaside. A compass is a must for an adventure holiday, but who needs the first-aid kit?

Player’s need quick thinking and agility to pack as many items as they can by hitting the right keys at the right time and with the right combos you can add additional bonus points to your score - plus don’t forget your travel insurance for that extra special boost!