My Little Pony Games Announces Opening for Kid-Friendly Website

A new online game website has opened recently. This game website is designed for little kids, particularly girls and the name of the website is My Little Pony Games. This game website is a take-off from the very popular My Little Pony series of toy line. These particular toys are very popular and have helped generations of children grow up.

In keeping with the times, this website is now available to help little kids enjoy MLP games from their own computers. They are online games therefore the kid’s computer must be connected to the internet. This toy line was produced in 1983, and yet it is still giving children the thrills that make their young lives happy.

There are many variations in My Little Pony Games online. As of last count, there are about 39 games in total. My Little Pony Games website has categorized these games into three. It seems that they did this so that it will be easy for the children to locate the MLP games they want to play the most.

One of the categories of My Little Pony Games online is Featured Games. There are 8 games included in this category. New Games is another game category. In this category, a kid will be able to choose one among the 15 games that are included. The last category is Popular Games. There are 16 games in this set.

About My Little Pony Games

My Little Pony is a toy series that was produced by Hashbro in 1983. They are extremely popular during those years, and lately they are rapidly gaining popularity courtesy of the TV series which features their characters. The title of the TV series is “Friendship is Magic.”

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