Do men and women shop differently?

Well it turns out, they do and while the differences aren't always very huge, they are there nonetheless. For example a 2013 study showed that men are more likely than women to make a purchase from a desktop or laptop, while women were more likely to use a mobile device to complete a checkout. Understanding these differences is key to delivering targeted, relevant content that can push shoppers to a purchase.

MineWhat recently released an infographic on the subject with data compiled from different sources. The infographic focusses on some of the differences in the way men and women shop and how marketers and site owners can adjust their strategy accordingly. Retargeting campaigns are a great way to increase conversion. Data indicates that women are almost twice as likely to open marketing emails with 14% of the female respondents in a study saying that they do so regularly compared to around 8% of men. So if you are targeting female shoppers email based retargeting is a great idea.

Men are more likely to buy when browsing around online, with about 33% of the respondents in a study saying they first saw their most recent purchase while shopping online. So if you are targeting male shoppers contextual web advertising is the way to go.

About MineWhat:

MineWhat is an intelligence tool for online stores that focusses on easy to create SKU, brand and category level reports. MineWhat also offers segmentation capabilities that their clients use to analyze the differences in how men and men women shop. For more info on MineWhat, please head over to our website. For sample reports visit

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