Aspen Psychological Services recognizes their medical massage therapist, Faye Hill

Faye Hill, a native to Fremont County has been with Aspen Psychological Services since October 2015, but has always had a passion for helping others. Before she became a certifed Craniosacral and massage therapist Hill was an EMT for 19 years.
In an interview with Faye she said, "I wanted to give back to the community and healthcare system what I had received when I was in need. After 19 years I felt I had given enough of myself and my family to EMS and a change was needed while I was still injury free. I was good at helping people feel better so I looked at other ways to help in the healthcare area."
After being an EMT Faye found Quantum-touch which is an energy therapy but quickly chose to couple that with medical massage then add Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy. "My massage training is in medical massage, so I can do rehab for injuries, surgeries also help with chronic pain. Massage helps increase circulation, better sleep, rehab faster, decrease pain and much more." Said Hill. Faye also pointed out that Craniosacral is not a massage, but a way to "get in touch with the nervous system and help it release and correct any trauma, stress, emotions, tension and what ever the body may need to be healthier."
Faye truly cares about each patient and their story, and just wants to help in the most effective way possible.
"To be able to help someone move from an unhealthy life to a tolerable or even healthy life is beyond rewarding for me, it is so awesome to see people walk out totally different then they came in." -Faye