Common Services Expected from Online Computer Support

What services should you expect from your computer support company and why is this so important for your business?

Computers are machines, and machines break down once in a while. The more complex the machine the higher the chances of a break down. Of course, not all computers will often break down, however, it only takes one, yes, just one break down, and your work and business will be greatly affected.

What’s more, you need real computer support since you can’t do it yourself.

So, whether you’re a corporate institution, a medium sized company, or a small online business, you get to save a lot when you outsource to a computer support or technical support company. It saves a lot on the overhead rather than maintaining an IT technical support department.

Technical or computer support is available 24/7, and a company’s technicians will respond to your requests within a pre-defined response rate, usually as quick as a few minutes. This means that your business will not have to wait for one particular person to become available before the problem can be solved. This can happen if a problem happens on a weekend or a holiday and your company’s IT technician is not available or the computer shop next door is closed.

A computer support company today can provide remote monitoring services, so that through a remote connection to your network, they can work on a solution instantly. In that way, they can resolve problems quickly, and they can even reduce the number of problems your company experiences through their preventive monitoring and maintenance activities.

Computer support can actually be delivered through various media, including e-mail, live chat, telephones, applications and technicians. However, only direct questions can be addressed through e-mail or fax; basic software problems can be addressed over the telephone; hardware or network problems often need to be dealt with by remote service or in person.

Based on common business requirements, the common types of support are:

Online Self-Help Support – FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), Knowledge Base, product/service specific mailing lists, product/service support, newsgroups, chats, help database.

Subscription-Based Support – Subscriptions include the monthly delivery of certain support.

Assisted Incident Support E-mail support, Phone support, Advisory services.

Contract-Based Support Direct access to technical experts any time, account management, support assistance, problem resolution support, information services

Services that you should expect from your computer support company:

Computer Hardware Support – diagnosing and resolving hardware and software problems, installing and configuring all hardware and software components, providing user support, providing technology direction.

Computer Network Support – administering local and wide area networks, monitoring and optimising network resources like network traffic, storage use, deployment of peripherals, and the like.

Application Support – services supporting critical applications, from mainframes, UNIX, and client server or web based technologies.

IT Security Support – establishing and administering security procedures, establishing and maintaining disaster recovery, backup, and anti-virus procedures, preventive measures against technical support scams.

Telephony Support – telephony implementation (installation, setup, repair), hardware and software maintenance, network support, and remote monitoring.

IT Security Audits – analysis, testing, assessing, and optimising.

Departmental Partial or Complete Outsourcing – you can choose the amount of support you require so that your staff is productive and your critical infrastructure performs. IT department outsourcing may cover network management, hardware and software support, disaster recovery, preventative maintenance solutions, outsourcing of senior IT management functions, and developing and administering technology budgets.