Lone Worker Devices to Protect Employees in the Field

Automated Versus Manual Alerting With Lone Worker Devices

Current safety options for employers include lone worker devices. If you are an employer who feels uncomfortable about sending your employee out into the field on their own, yet know that the risk is part of the business, lone worker devices can ease your mind and, more than that, actually help to increase the physical safety of your independent employee. SoloProtect offers Lone Worker Devices that offer real backup for independent employees in both dangerous and benign situations.

Lone worker devices are unquestionably useful when it comes to keeping workers safe in questionable yet required situations. Choosing between automated and manual alerting is as easy as narrowing down the situation your employees may be in and deciding the level of aid necessary. There are a few points to guide the process of choosing between these two great systems.

Manual Safety Devices

SoloProtect’s basic system is manual. This includes a useful Identicom device that is discreet to wear and easy to use. It has GPS already installed and SIM with inclusive airtime. The device is covered by emergency dispatch center monitoring 24/7 every single day of the year, in order to cater to each unique employee’s schedule. We offer extensive user training and have a dedicated customer support team.  With the manual system, your employee can simply and quickly push a button to raise an alert if they find themselves in a situation that could get dangerous. The worker will then start a one-way communication through the device with an emergency dispatcher who is trained to assess the situation, and the system will audio-record the entire incident. This is simply the beginning. It offers another level of alert: the ability to do a recorded  check-in through a yellow alert. This allows employees to pre-record specific details about where they will be working and what they will be doing so that they are easy to find in the event  a red alert is raised. The key benefit here is that when the user is in a multi-story building or large complex, the yellow alert provides specific information beyond what a GPS fix would provide, shortening the time to respond. Additionally, if the employee is unable to raise the alert by pressing the Red Alert button, and is wearing the device on a lanyard, they may simply pull the device from the lanyard, which removes a plus from the corner of the device and activates a rip alarm. This is another valuable means to raise the distress alert, either manually by the user or in the event an assailant moves to rip the lanyard from you. The system is designed to allow a lone worker to have a team at his/her fingertips if they feel like they are at any risk.

Automated Safety Devices

The automated system offers all that the manual alerting system does with a few extra perks for those at risk of incapacitation: the auto "man-down"  optional feature  is based on a tilt threshold and non-movement time allotment that is fully customizable per client. If the device remains in the specified position for a preset amount of time, a red alert will automatically be raised and will open up two-way communication with a dispatcher so that they are able to quickly determine what kind of help the user needs. This man-down system is beneficial for everyone, not just those at greater risk of slip, trip or fall. In my mind, we don't want to limit the scope of its benefit. Anyone wearing the device benefits from Man-Down as anyone at risk at all is also at the risk of having something happen, such as an assault, before they're able to raise the alarm.

At SoloProtect, we know that a company's most important asset is the employees. We can help you keep your valuable assets safe, and morale high. If your employees know you value their safety on the job, they will take more pride in doing the job you send them out to do.

Don’t leave your lone workers unprotected. Contact us today to discuss whether automated or manual alerting is the right lone worker protection for your company.