2014 Chinese Tire Retreading Market Import & Export Forecasts Report adds “Research and Investment Prospect of Tire Retreading Industry in China, 2014” report to its research database.

China is a country with scarce rubber resources. Over 80% natural rubber and over 46% synthetic rubber have to depend on importing every year, so the imbalance between supply and demand in China's rubber market is very obvious. Tire is the biggest rubber consuming product in China. According to the relevant statistics, at present, the consumption of rubber in tire manufacturing has accounted for 70% of the total consumption of the entire country. The waste tires in China in 2013 have reached 300 million units, equivalent to 10.8 million tons.

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Generally speaking, in 2013, the retreaded tires in 2013 have reached 17 million units. However, the application of retreaded tires in passenger-cargo heavy duty automobile only accounted for 10% in that year, while the proportion in developed countries is usually over 90%. From the perspective of the current status of main tire varieties, first, the proportion of retreaded tire applied in passenger-cargo heavy-duty automobile is low; second, almost all the ultra large and heavy-duty automobile tires with a weight ranging from 77 tons to 180 tons that mainly applied in mining activities, especially 3600R51 and 3700R57, are dependent on importing, but the proportion of retreaded tire of these variety is less than 20%; third, in the aspect of aircraft tire, there are only 2 qualified aircraft tire retreading factories in China with total retreading capacity reaching 30,000 units annually. However, nearly 200,000 waste aircraft tires need sending to Hong Kong, Thailand and other countries to be retreaded. In America, the proportion of retreaded aircraft tire has already exceeded 95%; fourth, there is almost no enterprise operating the waste passenger automobile tires retreading business in China by far.

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Instructive Opinions Concerning the Comprehensive Utilization of Waste Tire issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in 2010 states that the government is about to cultivate 10 notable waste tire comprehensive utilization enterprises by 2015.

According to the data collected by Research, there are over 70 tire retreading enterprises with an annual output exceeding 50,000 units in China, and more than 22 enterprises have an annual output exceeding 100,000 units, and the biggest one with which can reach 300,000 units per year.

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