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If you are the generation who was born between the year of 80”s or 90”s, you will be very familiar with a popular American television comedy Home improvement , aren’t you? The television series that were aired in 1991 until 1999 had become one of the many television series that become the milestone in the history. However, do you ever heard or known about any of the home improvement cast? If you are nothere maybe you can find some.

Just for refreshing your mind, maybe a light review of the characters can take the memory back to these days. Home improvement is a television series that tells the story about Taylor family whose the members of the family are Tim Allen as Tim, Patricia Richardson as Jill, Zachery Ty Brian as Brad, Jonathan Taylor Thomas as Randy the last one is Tarrah Norah Smith as Mark. Among eight years, this television series had won several reputable awards in the filming and entertainment industry and one of them is Golden Globe, a popular ticket to work in this industry, but why we often hear about home improvement cast?

Actually, the casts are still making the headline but through the different stories. The dady, who is Tim Allen” is still working in the filming industry as buzz Lightyear in Toy Story. He also joined two television series and some films such as Last Man standing, Zoom and Shaggy Dog. The youngest Mark had made news by driving under license in 2006 and sue material. The different story comes into one home improvement cast, Richard Karn as Ao Borland. He keeps in business by acting for some roles such as Air Buddies and MVP 2. The same thing happens to the mother home improvement cast, Patricia Richardson. Her latest film is Averice, which was prior presented with Apples and Oranges. For Brad, he looked so perfect at that time, but now he becomes more fat, especially when he played a role in Burn Notice 'double booked'.

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