Glass Fencing Services from Perth City Glass

Perth City Glass, a leading glass company in Australia, offers Glass Fencing services. The company talks about the benefits and functionality offered by their services to both households and businesses.

[PERTH, JUNE 18, 2014] – Perth City Glass, Perth’s leading provider of individually manufactured, glass-made products, are committed to delivering glass products of clear-cut precision for every client. The company takes pride in having a proven record in delivering quality products that are safe and functional. The company provides a home improvement and design option that is both functional and elegant as well.

Aesthetically Pleasing Glass

According to Perth City Glass, glass fencing simply gives pools a classy ambiance because of its attractive dimensions. It serves to give a boundary for pools to keep unwanted elements from getting into the water. The Perth-based company notes that homeowners can place them around pools or around the balconies of their houses.

In addition, glass fencing is an ideal safety feature because a person can see right through it while keeping children and pets from getting into the pool. On top of that, it gives an added dimension because it can create an image of added space due to the depth of its mild reflection.

Design Options

The company explains that glass pool fencing can come in framed or semi-frameless designs. The choice of framing is left up to the preferences to the client. Whatever the design, glass framing is considered to be very safe as a barrier fence.

Low Maintenance

Perth City Glass adds that glass fencing requires little to no maintenance at all. Once installation is completed, owners can enjoy their benefits immediately without having to give an afterthought to upkeep. All it takes is routine hosing down and dirt removal. The company adds that even with little care and maintenance, they should last a veritable lifetime.

The company clarifies that glass fencing adapts well to wet seasons, even if rains can wreak havoc upon the backyard.


Perth City Glass is home to Western Australia’s experienced glass replacement professionals. For over 25 years, the company has provided professional services to many clients, whether for residential or commercial purposes. The company takes pride in delivering reliable service and high quality glass products. Their glass products are individually manufactured and custom made as well.


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