Barry Spencer’s And Scott Noble’s Revolutionary Process Ensures That Clients Experience Wealth With No Regrets®

An Entrepreneur and Former Leadership Trainer, Spencer Cites a “Deathbed Charge” From His Father As The Inspiration Behind His And Noble’s Comprehensive, Highly Personalized Process

Atlanta, GA – May 29, 2015 - Barry Spencer was heir apparent to his family business. His father had grown up on a Michigan farm, and despite humble beginnings, he built a business from nothing to become a self-made millionaire. The business was, as Barry describes it, a “debt free, cash rich, profitable, recurring revenue enterprise.”

Who wouldn’t want to inherit such a legacy?

But Barry’s path was destined for a different direction. After receiving his Master’s in Education and Leadership, Barry’s extensive work in the non-profit world led him into a pioneering career providing leadership training and coaching, and eventually, expanding it internationally.

Now a well respected author and owner of three successful businesses, Barry inherited more from the elder Spencer than his entrepreneurial spirit and DNA that is hard-wired for achievement. He also received what he calls a “deathbed charge” from his dad in April 2007 before he passed away at 62.

In a scene that sounds as though it was ripped from the silver screen, Mr. Spencer reached out to his son with the words, “Be sure you take care of your mother.” Those final instructions became “The Charge of a Lifetime” that propelled Barry onto a passionate course to not only solve the troubled financial legacy of his own family, but to find a way to serve wealthy families and help them plan for their futures.

Even before he and his business partner and longtime friend Scott Noble officially created and launched their proprietary process, Wealth With No Regrets®, Barry was sharing his family’s story with friends and neighbors in the hopes they could avoid a similar challenging fate. Although his father had a massive estate plan in place, the Spencers’ biggest fears about such things as estate tax issues were later realized. Nearly half of his dad’s wealth had evaporated three and a half years after he died, and his mom, in her early seventies, faced an increasingly uncertain future. Worst of all, Barry’s family was caught in a downward spiral of conflict and regret—all because of well intentioned, but poorly designed wealth planning.

He found a kindred spirit in Scott Noble, a fellow entrepreneur and veteran CPA, Personal Financial Specialist, and CFO of multiple companies. Scott’s passion for helping others grew wings after a well-intentioned financial advisor “pantsed” him and his wife out of a substantial financial windfall, analogous to the way that a high school buddy “pantsed” him on the basketball court in a gym full of students. The culprit was the broken financial industry that doesn’t instruct on delivering a comprehensive planning process to clients.

Barry’s triumph now is in helping wealthy families remove the regrets wealth can create. He and Scott have helped countless clients throughout their home base of Alpharetta, Georgia (the greater Atlanta area) and throughout the country.

In his book The Secret of Wealth With No Regrets, Barry shares that creating wealth is just the beginning, but enjoying it and making it endure is where the greatest meaning of wealth exists. The hard-hitting, insightful work is a roadmap for thinking about wealth in a more comprehensive way.

Spencer and Noble have also written a powerful report that serves as a self-assessing guide for smart millionaires who want to get their estate done right, “7 Regrets Wealth Creates and How To Avoid Them.” Key “Regrets” include: Paying more in taxes than you have to, living with the fear of not having enough, wondering if you’ve done everything you can to put your wealth in proper order, and not giving as much as you could have to the causes that are dearest to them.

At the end of the report, Barry and Scott make an exceptional offer to readers—a no-obligation, 73-minute “No Regrets Conversation.” It’s an interactive experience that allows potential clients to gain greater insight into their concerns, better understand potential opportunities in their unique situation, and get a picture of a brighter future focused on what matters to them most.

To take advantage of this conversation that is all about you and your situation (not products, pitches or one-size-fits-all solutions) call 678-278-9632, email, or contact them through their website

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