Effective And Natural Supplements For Oligomenorrhea Treatment

Oligomenorrhea is the problems of irregular menstrual cycles in women where the duration of intervals between two monthly flows can be more than 35 days. The problem happens due to a range of factors and one of the major causes is hormonal imbalance. Hormone therapy for the cure of Oligomenorrhea has many side effects, therefore, natural treatments is preferred. Effective and natural supplements for oligomenorrhea treatment such as the one provided by ayurveda capsule Gynecure Capsule, has no side effects. Additionally, it is a low-cost non-prescription option for eliminating the symptoms of Oligomenorrhea.

There are a range of other cures available at drug stores for the problem of Oligomenorrhea but it has been observed that the cause for irregular bleeding in women varies, and the same treatment cannot be taken for restoring hormonal balance by all. Effective and natural supplements for oligomenorrhea treatment contains a combination of rare herbs that are empowered with properties to reduce the discomfort caused by irregular monthly cycles due to a range of causes.

The herbal capsule is made up of more than 25 herbs picked for varying beneficial effects. Some of the herbs in the capsule are Symplocos racemosa (Lodhra), Barringtonia acutangula (Smundarphal), Bombax malabaricum (Mochras), Averrhoa carambola (Dharaphal), Pandanus odoratissimus (Ketasi) etc. Each herb is powered with loads of properties that can improve physical and mental condition of a person. For example -

Symplocos racemosa one of the most effective and natural supplements for oligomenorrhea treatment that is used in a range of gynaecological conditions including excess flow and painful bleeding. The phytoestrogens in the herb have mild estrogenic effects which is helpful in reducing the symptoms of PMS (pre menstrual syndrome) such as bloating, breast tenderness and irritability.

Barringtonia acutangula reduces general weakness in women and gives protection from pain and inflammation.

Bombax malabaricum has anti-inflammatory properties.

Averrhoa carambola is globally known for its high nutrition value and it works by stimulating the reproductive organs. It promotes blood circulation to the reproductive organs and reduces the symptoms of irregular monthly flow. These herbs are high in anti-oxidants that promote anti-ageing properties. It has rejuvenating effects on reproductive organs and causes relief from irregularity caused by ageing.

The main cause for irregular bleeding is hormonal imbalance but there can be various other causes for the condition such as

1. Use of UID (Contraception) - You need to get yourself diagnosed if suffering from irregular period after inducing the contraception. If it is happening due to the insertion of contraception, it can be removed

2. PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) - This problem is common in women who are overweight or obese. Mostly experts give a combination of synthetic estrogens and progesterone to the women suffering PCOS. Sometimes, insulin lowering oral drug is given to regulate ovulation. 

3. Emotional or physical stress - Drugs for stress / anxiety is given.

Also, one can take effective and natural supplements for oligomenorrhea treatment such as Gynecure Capsule which helps to provide natural plant-based hormones to regulate the flow of hormone reduce stress and have painless regular monthly flow.

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