Administrative Situational Room of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug Installs Polywall

15 July 2014, Russia - Polywall is truly the most reliable and trustworthy control room video wall solutions available in the country. If you had any doubts about it, the latest success story of the software will clear the air for you. The Situational Room of the Administration of the Nenets Autonomous OKRUG (region) has just installed Polywall in their facility to help streamline their security and surveillance operations. Visit to know more.

Polymedial is believed by many to be the epitome of high service quality in the world of IT/AV solutions. Similarly, their product – Polywall is regarded by the security and surveillance technology industry as the best and most effective control room video wall solutions out there. The system has all the features necessary to make it the preferred choice across the board for security and administrative organisations in the country.

“Nenets Autonomous Region is one of Russian northern territories. Its main industry is oil and gas extraction. Administration of this region has to supervise this industry and also work on infrastructure improvements and fulfilment of its social responsibilities. The situational centre was created to effectively utilize satellite monitoring technologies for supervising oil and gas companies and also to monitor social and economical situation in the region. In this project Polywall software was integrated with satellite monitoring system, emergency communication system and intelligent data analysis software. With Polywall software all participants of conferences can work collaboratively on any type of required information.” explains the owner of Polymedia and the website

The website of Polywall outlines all the features that make it the best software of its kind. Be sure to check it out before you make your final choice in video wall controllers.

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Polywall is software for intelligent data visualization management in control rooms developed by Polymedia R&D centre. Polymedia is the leading Russian IT/AV company. It was founded in 1998 and now it operates in 13 subsidiaries at largest CIS cities. The company is headquartered in Moscow, Russia. They are the most reliable name to choose in the world of control room video walls and related solutions.

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