Aureus Medical, a nationwide leader in healthcare staffing, shares the best exercises travel PT professionals can use for arthritis pain

Omaha, NE, (June 5, 2014) - As travel physical therapists know, rheumatoid arthritis can be a debilitating condition that demobilizes patients if the proper steps are not taken. Travel therapy jobs leader, Aureus Medical Group, shares the best exercises to use on your travel therapy patients with arthritis pain.  

Whether found in the wrists, knees or shoulders, the painful joint problem makes every-day movements troublesome. While the thought of walking on the treadmill might seem intimidating for arthritis patients, exercise is essential. Not only does it boost strength and flexibility, working out helps fight joint pain.

It's important to remind patients who are suffering from arthritis that exercise can improve health without hurting their joints. Of course, when joints are inflamed, they should rest for two to three days. The phrase "no pain, no gain" does not apply here. It's wise to have them listen to their bodies and avoid pushing through arthritis pain.

However, once the flare-up subsides, a lack of exercise may actually worsen the condition by keeping joints stiff. Those on travel physical therapy assignments should encourage patients to strengthen the supporting muscles to relieve joints from stress buildup. While range-of-motion exercises increase flexibility, strengthening workouts build strong muscles that help support and protect your joints, and aerobic or endurance exercise help with overall fitness, building heart health.

To build leg muscles, try the chair stand. To do this exercise, sit in a normal-height chair, slowly stand up and sit back down. Have your patients focus on controlling the motion, using their arms if needed. Repeat 10 to 15 times. If this is too easy, find a lower-height chair which will force the thighs and hamstrings to exert more strength.

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