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Let's face it. This economy has people looking to make money online who would have never considered it in the past.

The good news is that there are indeed ways to make money online. The bad news is that many of them have inherent challenges.

Here are a few of the typical obstacles:

- Many require a substantial investment to start

- Some approaches need you to become an expert on some topic

- Others want you to get comfortable on camera and upload videos

- Some require staying online for hours on social media sites

Even if you tackle the above hindrances most will still require you to:

- Pay for hosting services

- Pay for domain names

- Pay monthly fees of some kind

- Pay for expensive PPC, PPV, or social media ads

But even if you are a ‘seasoned’ online product marketer the choices still don’t get much easier.

Very quickly a couple of pathways become apparent:

(A) You can spend every spare moment in front of your computer engaged in what is actually an endless list of activity to generate sales for your product or service.

(B) You can outsource this activity and spend time, and money, learning which outsource services (and outsourcers) work and which do not. This can be a very expensive pursuit.

But long before you make these choices it is critical to make certain that the product or service you are offering is in demand (that people will really buy it).


Many online newbies, and veterans, are at a lost when it comes to what is really working online. They go from program to program hoping to ‘strike gold’ as it were. Unfortunately, this very behavior is at the root of much of their failure.

Let me go back to the gold reference.

You may know that way back in 1848 there was a big Gold Rush in California. People came from all over the world to stake their claim and find their fortune.

The internet has been likened to this gold rush in many ways. And when you factor in the billion of new users slated to be online by 2020 the analogy becomes even more appropriate.

Of course, in reality only a few people actually did strike it rich and become wealthy in California.

But do you know where most of the money was made?

Yes. You probably guessed it.

It was by the people who sold the picks, shovels, and pans for mining that gold. In fact, in 1853, legend has it that when Levi Strauss opened his small dry goods store and was asked by an old prospector (think “Gabby” Hayes);

“Whatya selling Mister?”

Levi replied; “canvas for tents and wagon covers.”

The prospector quickly shot back; “You should have brought pants!”

Since the prospector couldn’t find a pair strong enough to withstand the punishing hours spent on his knees panning for gold he was constantly in the market for a new pair!

In fact, this prospector was giving Levi Strauss (unsolicited) product feedback because the pants currently being offered didn't cut it.

Levi, being the smart entrepreneur that he was …. LISTENED!

And, because of this, Levi Strauss and his blue jeans are still around today.

(The rest, as they say, is history).

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