Planting with the Vines

As you pull up onto Ridge Road our dirt road arriving at  Vine's Christmas Trees you'll be greeted by 200 acres of rolling hills of Pleasant Ridge covered in a variety of Christmas trees.

Christmas trees usually take 12-15 years to grow, depending on your desired height. But what is now a beautiful 9 ft. Fraiser or balsam, began as a 15 inch seedling and a lot of labor and love. 

We begin the planting process during the months of April and May, depending on Wisconsin Spring conditions. We use a tree planter pulled behind our 40 horse John Deere tractor. The planter digs a furrow, and one lucky family member gets to sit on the planter seat and place one seedling at a time into the ground. Our trees are planted about five feet from one another to allow ample growth.
For the next 12 years, each tree is tended by our family and Amish neighbors. Everything from fertilizing, butt pruning, spraying, trimming and finally harvesting.