FoodTender Launches Industry-First Online Ordering System For Restaurants With Multiple Suppliers

FoodTender Launches Free Online Ordering Service In Major Technology Advance for Restaurants and Foodservice Suppliers

--Web-based Platform Allows Restaurants to Easily Order from Multiple Suppliers---

SHEDIAC, CANADA—FoodTender, the first comprehensive web-based ordering system for restaurants, is now available as a free service to restaurants in the United States and Canada. FoodTender’s founders are a restaurant owner and a chef who understand why this new service is badly needed by the restaurant industry.

While technology has been quick to change the “front of the house” in the restaurant industry, the “back of the house” has lagged behind. Today most restaurants juggle orders from a dozen or more suppliers through faxes, phone calls or texts. It’s a time consuming and complicated process.

FoodTender solves that problem with its user-friendly service, saving the average restaurant up to six hours each week. FoodTender lets restaurants easily manage orders from multiple suppliers through a simple web-based platform. The FoodTender service is free for restaurants. Foodservice suppliers, from local farmers to international operators, can sign up to deliver special promotions to a growing number of restaurants that are part of the FoodTender community.

“As a restaurant owner and someone who worked in the foodservice supply business for many years, I know firsthand the struggles that restaurants face in managing their suppliers. We used our experience to create FoodTender and make life easier for Chefs and restaurant managers, saving them time and money,” said Andre Pellerin, cofounder of FoodTender.

FoodTender lets restaurants:

  • Centralize orders for all supplie
  • Create customized supplier lists
  • Manage costs
  • Avoid time-wasting calls, faxes and texts
  • Make it easy for receivers to reconcile deliveries and prices 
  • Keep a running history of all orders

“As a chef, I spent many hours each week trying to manage all my suppliers and making sure I received what I ordered at the right prices. It’s a problem chefs and restaurant managers face every single day. We’ve built FoodTender to streamline and simplify ordering so chefs can focus on their true passion; creating great menus and running outstanding restaurants,” said Andre Leblanc, cofounder of FoodTender.

Restaurants can sign up to FoodTender for free at


About FoodTender

FoodTender offers the first and only comprehensive online foodservice ordering platform for restaurants. This free service saves chefs and restaurant managers up to six hours per week. Find out more at, @FoodTender_FT or Facebook.



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