The VoiceOnyx Difference: Education Vs. Trickery

Business owners in America today have their hands full. Balancing running a business and staying current with economic risk and constant market changes can take a toll. Years of experience can ward off many things but a constant remains. It seems that large corporations whom we must all do business with at some point constantly toy with the idea of how far they can go ticking a customer into doing business. From the advent of the long term service contract to the same old nickle and dime, bait and switch tactics.

We are now in 2014 and with the power of social media you would think that the consumer was in control. Based on the recent proposal from the FCC regarding network neutrality we can see that control over all communications based services are in high demand and lobbyists are pulling out all of the stops. Just take a moment and write down all of the services that you use every day that rely on a un-interfered with network connection. It is almost like asking all of the things you use everyday that require electricity.

VoiceOnyx is in the business of providing business communications services and we operate in a ball field of mostly large incumbent companies. From time to time we witness what our competitors are willing to do to attract and lure customers. The truth is unless you have ever been in the shoes of a business owner you can never fully realize how busy running a business can be on any given day. Taking advantage of a business owner who does not have the time to dissect every detail is simply predatory.

VoiceOnyx started as a small business and we understand the importance of transparency and quality of customer service. We understand that the bill you receive should be exactly what you expect. We understand that you should never wait any more than a minute or two on hold to be serviced. We understand that tricking a customer into service will only breed distrust and dissatisfaction. VoiceOnx understands what Florida business owners need and that is why our best form of marketing is word of mouth.

VoiceOnyx has chosen education over trickery as its main form of marketing. Help us educate your colleagues and refer VoiceOnyx today!