Goodbye TouchWiz! Hello, Samsung’s New Android UI!

Samsung made a ton of announcements as part of its CES 2014 presence, including their new 12.2 inch tablets, the Galaxy NotePRO and the Galaxy TabPro, which would reveal a new user interface that looks familar for owners of Windows 8 and Windows Phone devices.


And these days, the South Korean company is reportedly exploring the possibilities of launching a new smartphone UI. Trusty insider @evleaks has posted three screenshots of the alleged new UI. We can see that it looks quite different from Samsung’s current TouchWiz Nature offering, although its details are still missing.


For this moment, although there’s no way of telling if this will ever make it to the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5, it will be sure that Samsung still isn’t making significant progress to solve the battery complaints.


Users will have to take a power bank for Samsung Galaxy along, which has massive capacity but handy and slim enough, so that they can freely move when the power battery is in short, like Kinkoo Infinite One, recharges Samsung Galaxy S4 three times and holds it for a week. In the meantime, Infinite One is quite small and incredible light to fit in your jacket pocket, handbag, and even hand.


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