Celebrities Are Awesome But...

NEW YORK, NY, May 8, 2014--Gwen Beloti comes full circle with its fashion narrative from the everyday fashionista and introduces not just His Lens, but Her Voice.

Gwen Beloti Collection recently introduced a recurring Men’s Style segment to its blog, written by various guest authors.   This new addition to the site was a result of the brand’s appreciation and admiration of menswear and its contribution to the definition of style.   The contributing authors are real people and fashionistas in their own right sharing their personal sense of style, inspiration, and offering tips and advice to readers.  This passionate expression of personal style from ordinary people has effortlessly persuaded the brand to come full circle and incorporate the ‘Voice of the Real Woman’. 

“Celebrities are amazing but guess who I know? Everyday, regularly fabulous people who happen to be quite stylish and have a very valid take on fashion.   Said fashionistas may not be known by the masses but their role in it all is so very valuable.  They and I are one and the same.” – Gwen Beloti

The ‘Her Voice’ blog segments will highlight Gwen Beloti customers and followers who will speak not just to what style means to them, but to why they buy the pieces they buy, what about fashion is most and least important, and how does what you wear make you feel… a real dialogue about what ‘woman + fashion’ means.

Every month Gwen Beloti Collection sends out a Style Letter to its mailing list and followers; in the May Style-Letter the brand will introduce the first ‘Her Voice’ piece to its’ readers.  The post will also be available for viewing on the GB Blog. 

“In essence Her Voice is Your Voice as it is Mine.  How powerful is it to highlight and regard different perceptions of appreciation for the same commodity, the commodity being fashion” – Gwen Beloti 

Gwen Beloti Collection is in business not to simply be in business but because it believes in its product, story, and its role and contribution to what we call fashion; it values the evolving and impactful contribution of the everyday fashionista.

“This isn’t everyone’s thing and as such might all sound way too involved, all of this fashion talk. But to those who live for this or remotely live for it, who see fashion as much more than just fashion, to them this narrative is exciting and we’re ecstatic to deliver it.” – Gwen Beloti

About Gwen Beloti Collection

Feminine, chic, fun, cool... Gwen Beloti is best known for providing the eternally-evolving modern woman with a collection to complement her individual sense of style. Signatures of the designer, who launched in 2008, include unconventional color combinations, flattering silhouettes, and a timeless sophistication that easily translates from day to night.

Today Gwen Beloti is on its way to becoming a global lifestyle brand that will expand its offering from apparel to include handbags and accessories. The brand has a loyal customer base and has been featured in numerous blogs and publications. Gwen Beloti has also been recognized for her philanthropic efforts which include Fashionably Smart, Literally, Prom Dress to Impress, and Little Dresses for Africa. All which support her brands mission in supporting the growth and empowerment of young women across the world.