How to choose the suitable printed oil painting in living room, dining room and study?

China - Oil Painting could produce the illusion of three-dimensional space and the good performance of natural objects¡¯ true extent. At this area, the performance of oil painting has already beyond other kinds of painting. The artists take advantage of the superb painting skills to create the powerful beauty of nature and the human spirit. Furthermore, the specific materials of the oil painting could make these works of art be easy to be preserved and cleaned so that it should be the best choice for home decoration. As the importance of the knowledge about the home oil painting decoration, the editor from website which is the best canvas prints wholesale will teach with people this knowledge.

In general, the living room, dining room and study should be main parts from the decoration of the oil painting. Now, the editor from will teach with people the related knowledge about how to decorate oil painting in these rooms.

Living Room

The living room is regarded as the main place for home venue and it is also the most attractive room where could used to serving guest. Generally speaking, the main living room wall should be usually placed with the large frame oil painting with a strong visual impact. This type of oil painting could play a role in the interpretation and sublimation of the entire space. The artistic level and the deep cultural connotation of the oil painting could highly reveal the owner's taste and elegant.

Dining Room

The dining room is usually the place for families¡¯ eating. People should equip with a piece of oil painting with a relaxed and lively painting in the dining room. It will bring with people the pleasured eating mood. Furthermore, the size of the oil painting in dining room need to be controlled in about 50cm ¡Á 60cm.

When people are in the selection of the canvas oil paintings for dining room, they should Oil Painting Canvas Printing note the following points.

The color of the oil painting need to fresh and pastel

The image in the oil painting should be clean

In particular, if the dining room connects with the living room, the oil painting in the dining room needs to have coherent coordination with than in the living room.


The canvas prints wholesale for study is largely the extension of the oil painting of the living room. However, due to the inherent characteristics of the study will be slightly different from the living room. First, the space and area of the study is generally very small so people should pay more attention to the size of the oil painting. The over-sized oil painting could lead to the large intense pressure. If the size is too small, it will not only to bring the limitations with painting itself but also will let the oil painting lose its properly function.

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