Internet Society’s 2015 ION Conference Series Drives Regional Discussion of Emerging Technologies

Leading Industry Events on IPv6 and Internet Security Reach Sri Lanka, Trinidad;
Series to Culminate in San Francisco Bay Area

Washington, D.C. – February 2, 2015 – The Internet Society Deploy360 Programme today announced it will extend the discussion of emerging technology issues to more countries and promote technology dialogue at a local level through the addition of regions to its 2015 ION Conference Series. The 2015 series, sponsored by Afilias, is already underway and launched on January 18 in Kandy, Sri Lanka with ION Sri Lanka, paving the way for the next ION event, ION Trinidad and Tobago, which will take place in the Caribbean this week. The year’s series will conclude this fall in San Francisco, the site of the first ION Conference in 2010.

The ION Conference Series has a proven track record in bringing network engineers and industry experts together to discuss emerging Internet technologies including IPv6, DNSSEC and secure routing protocols. During the past five years, the Internet Society Deploy360 Programme has selected ION Conference locations specifically to connect with and support those regional Internet communities most in need of knowledge sharing and/or most important to the Internet’s growth. Since the first event in 2010, the Internet Society Deploy360 Programme has strategically located ION Conferences in thirteen cities across five continents.

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Quotes from the Experts
“The Internet continues to drive nearly every sector of economic, political and social life,” said Chris Grundemann, Director of Deployment and Operationalization at the Internet Society.  “Global adoption is no longer measured simply as an ever-growing percentage of the human population; the “Internet of Things” promises even greater reach.  With billions of devices and individuals already connected to the Internet, the stakes have never been higher.  Depletion of IPv4 addresses continues while security threats ramp up, with attacks now originating from more than 200 countries and breaches impacting individuals, businesses and governments alike.  The ION Conference Series remains a leading venue for practitioners and experts to learn, network, and stay informed about Internet standards and technologies – such as IPv6DNSSECsecure BGPanti-spoofingTLS and more – that respond to and anticipate these trends and issues.”

“As the next generation Internet Protocol (IP) address standard, IPv6 is critical to the Internet’s continued growth as a platform for innovation and economic development. At the same time, DNSSEC and secure routing are critical to the Internet’s operations,” said Afilias EVP and CTO, Ram Mohan. “As two of the leading proponents of DNSSEC and IPv6 adoption worldwide, Afilias and the Internet Society are committed to promoting these standards, which are key to the continued growth and evolution of the Internet.”

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