Panoramic Essentials Launches Redesigned Panoramic Photography Equipment Site

Panoramic Essentials Launches Redesigned Panoramic Photography Equipment SiteCOLUMBIA, MISSOURI (January 20, 2014) - Panoramic Essentials has launched their redesigned website for people who love the art of photography. The newly redesigned site features a wide variety of panoramic photography equipment and software to help customers create stunning panoramic shots that will awe and inspire viewers.

The site offers pano heads for tripods, virtual tour software, panoramic virtual tour equipment, travel tripods and more. Besides the creative side for many users Panoramic photography has benefits for businesses as well. Real Estate agents and contractors can benefit from breathtaking photos of their properties when image stitching software or virtual tour software is employed the image results will surely tempt prospective buyers. Authorities can also benefit from the virtual tour software by using it to create a detailed rendition of crime scenes that ensures even the smallest detail will be visible.

Since tripods are essential to capturing clear images, there are manual and motorized panoramic heads for tripods available to choose from. For traveling the Benro Transfunctional Travel Angel Tripod Kit is the lightest and most compact model on the site, making it easy to go from one site to another. It can be easily converted to a monopod if needed and comes with a carry case and strap.

For those who like to bundle products, there are a variety of packages available including the basic and pro editions of the 360 Virtual Tour Kit to suit a customer's individual needs. The packages include the Pano-MAXX 2 manual panoramic tripod head, Autopano Panoramic image stitching software, and Panotour virtual tour creation software and vary in price based on the version of software chosen.

Among the other software available on the site is the Neutralhazer Plugin. It removes haze from photos and helps to restore the original color in any landscape. Neutralhazer Plugin is also an amazing tool for bringing out rich color and detail in portrait photography. The plugin is compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS3 to C6 and Photoshop Elements 8, 9, and 10.

About Panoramic Essentials: Panoramic Essentials is committed to bringing each customer the best image stitching software and other products. The products featured on the site have been used by the company many times and they feel strongly about the quality of each one. They not only provide quality products, but expert advice to ensure a customer gets exactly what they want from their photos and virtual tours. Their products are suitable for amateurs and professionals alike, as well as big businesses and law enforcement agencies. The company is proud of the ways in which their equipment and advice has helped to enhance the investigative process. For more information and details about the products and site please visit

About Adam Shehadeh: Panoramic Essentials was founded by owner Adam Shehadeh in 2010. As a former United States Marine, Shehadeh brings his passion for photography and years of experience in the field to aide customers in their search for the perfect equipment to get the shots they're looking for. He is working on his Masters in Economics and also helped to develop the Panoshoot Wi-Fi Module for the Panogear motorized tripod head. Connect with Adam on Facebook

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