Camp Soaring Eagle Accepting 2016 Camping Season Applications

Camp Soaring Eagle is now accepting applications for their free year-round residential Illness Specific Camper Weekends, Summer Camp Programs, Illness Specific Family Retreats and Veterans’ Children Camper Weekend.

Each camp offers a complete camping experience and makes accommodations for children ages 6-15 suffering from illnesses such as type 1 diabetes, respiratory diseases, cancer, collagen vascular disease, inflammatory bowl disease, metabolic syndrome, mitochondrial disease, neuromuscular impairments, retinoblastoma, and blood disorders.  While at camp, the children receive 24-hour medical care from on-site doctors and nurses. 

 Campers get a chance to be kids and laugh, play and participate in several activities including fishing, crafts, archery, horseback riding, theatre, and much more with their peers and counselors who understand what it is like to be a child suffering with a serious illness.  All camps are completely free of charge for campers and their families and are funded solely through charitable donations.

 Applications are reviewed by Camp Soaring Eagle’s admissions office and medical team and decisions are based upon a physician’s review, the child’s inability to attend a traditional camp, the severity of the child’s medical problems, and whether the child has been to camp before.  For a complete schedule of all camps, access to applications and deadlines please visit