Pueblo, Colorado – July 3, 2014 - The disappearance of Keith Lee Ebrecht remains a mystery even after one year. Ebrecht went missing on July 3, 2013. Law enforcement and private professionals have conducted searches with no recovery of his body. It seems like the perfect murder, but is it?

The lead detective on the case, Gabe Maldonado, of the Pueblo City Police Department explains, “I cannot give out specifics of the case, as it is still an active investigation, but most leads point to the conclusion that Keith Ebrecht is no longer alive.” The police have a confession but have not corroborated facts given by the confessor enough to bring charges. “The body was not where the confessor says it was nor was his phone.”

If those who committed this crime are not brought to justice, they will have the opportunity to strike again. According to Harvard Health Publications produced by Harvard Medical School, “Individuals who have acted violently in the past are more likely than others to become violent again. History of violence is the single largest predictor of future violence.” This makes it extremely important for the public to get involved with this case by sharing or coming forward.

Several stories as to the whereabouts of Keith Ebrecht’s body surface continually. Anonymous sources say his body was cut in pieces, put in a bag and dumped over a bridge in Pueblo, Colorado landing on the bank where the Arkansas River rages. Others say his body was left in a field in the County or Mesa not too far from the home where Keith grew up. Another story indicates that his body was fed to pigs.

The circumstances surrounding the disappearance of Ebrecht are so harrowing with hints of cartel and infamous criminals that it becomes imperative to help law enforcement find those responsible for everyone’s sake. Law enforcement needs to get them off the streets eliminating any opportunity to do it again.  The public is key. They must know, share the information and encourage people to come forward. 

The possibility exists Ebrecht is still alive and may be physically or mentally unable to respond. This would explain why there is no body. On the other hand, could this be a perfect murder? The trail of evidence will lead to a conviction eventually unless a sophisticated organization was involved like the cartel. Then, it is possible there will be no conviction, making this a perfect murder.

We call upon you, the public, to help. Share this information with everyone you know. A “Find Keith Ebrecht” campaign was launched June 25, 2014. Tell what you know. Submit your questions or comments to www.facebook/findkeithebrecht privately or publicly.

Another forum to discuss this: This is the Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community, where they follow missing persons’ cases, research and post findings.

Better yet, contact the Pueblo Police directly at

Let’s get the conversations flowing. Together, we can find Keith!