IoT Power Sources Market and Strategies

NanoMarkets believes that the deployments of sensors and processors for the Internet-of-Things (IoT) are creating huge new opportunities for manufacturers of power source devices. Because of IoT, power devices such as thin-film and printed batteries, energy harvesting modules, small flexible photovoltaics panels and thermoelectric sources, which have enjoyed marginal revenues up to now, may begin generating hundreds of millions of dollars in annual revenues.

However, suppliers of IoT power sources, as well as the semiconductor industry more generally face significant uncertainties in the IoT space. Not only is future of the IoT itself unclear, but also how the IoT “power infrastructure” will shape up technologically is a great unknown.

The objective of this report is to identify where the money will be made and lost in the emergent IoT power source business. It begins with an assessment of the power requirements of the various devices that NanoMarkets believes will form the “things” in the IoT. These include sensor networks, MCUs/MPUs and tagging devices, for example. The report continues by considering how established technologies such as batteries will adapt to new IoT opportunities and whether emerging technologies such as energy harvesting and thermoelectric power sources will find their first big markets as the result of IoT.

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The report explores the opportunities for all industry sectors that will be impacted by the development of new power sources for the IoT. In particular we examine how leading battery companies, chipmakers, OEMs and others are preparing for the business opportunities in the IoT power source space. The report also discusses the strategies of eight firms that NanoMarkets believes will shape the market for power sources for the IoT over the next decade.

We believe that this report will be essential reading for business development and marketing executives in the battery, energy harvesting, RFID, sensors, photovoltaics and semiconductor industries, as well as the investment community. In addition to providing a thorough analysis of the IoT power source markets, this report also provides detailed eight-year forecasts of power sources for the IoT in both volume and value terms and with break outs by power source types.