Topia Technology launches Secrata™—a new file storage and synching service with Amazon Cloud Drive

Topia Technology announced today a cross-device content synching and storage platform service using Amazon Cloud Drive. Imagine accessing photos, music, videos and documents from anywhere? Enter Secrata™ for Amazon Cloud Drive.

The music lover can easily access their extensive music library on Amazon Cloud Drive from all their devices thanks to Secrata. The on-the-go sales person now has easy access to all their files from their PC, tablet or android smart phone. The video producer can quickly access video files on any device to meet production deadlines.

Amazon Cloud Drive is a file and photo storage service that provides easy access to customers’ content across devices when using Topia’s Secrata. Using Secrata, Amazon Cloud Drive users can now access and sync files with no practical size limitation and any format across any Android device and Windows desktop—anytime and anywhere.

And, if you want powerful security, there is a Secrata Android App for that too. Now users can choose what level of security they want. If end-to-end encryption for content on Amazon Cloud Drive is required, users now have that option. 

“Secrata for Amazon Cloud Drive allows customers to create, find and store any size or type file—addressing the age-old challenge of easily accessing and synching your files across devices,” says Janine Terrano, Topia founder and CEO. “In the past, mobile users’ productivity was limited when trying to access files of different sizes and formats. This new service breaks these barriers offering users easy access to any and all content and the ability to choose what level of security they want.”

Secrata for Amazon Cloud Drive is available now at For more information, call Claudia Johnson, 503-799-2220.

About Topia Technology 

Topia Technology specializes in the secure movement and management of data.  Secrata Enterprise is a Security Platform that hardens security for the cloud, mobile and big data.   Topia’s Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS) solution is the most secure way for an enterprise to move and manage files across content locations (data stores) and devices.