City Preview and Orientation Services from Global Relocations

[ALI, DUBAI, 01/10/14] — Global Relocations, a leading moving firm based in UAE, offers city preview and orientation for those who are moving internationally. This is the company’s effort to help clients, especially families,become familiar with their new city.

The program is structured to provide up-to-date and local knowledge to clients. This will help them understand what to expect from their new location, make informed decisions regarding lifestyle, where to live, and other relevant matters.

The company’s orientation trips are customisable. They provide updated information on key amenities, shopping, and recreation, banking and medical facilities. Furthermore, clients will also learn where to get a driving license and studythe available transport systems. To accelerate the relocation process, the client has the option to conduct a home and school search.

The program includes three services: office support, welcomes pack, and accompanied orientation. With office support, the staff will assess the client’s requirements, explain the local market, and manage their expectations. The welcome pack, on the other hand, includes a list of useful websites, medical information, transport links and other important facilities. Finally, the accompanied orientation includes a planned itinerary and tour of the city that will show clients its key areas.

Related Service

Once the client has moved in, the company can provide a settling-in service. Just like the orientation program, the settling-in service has three components: office supports, welcome pack, and accompanied support. This particular service will help clients adjust fully to their new environment.

About Global Relocations

Global Relocations is a leading moving company based in UAE. This British-owned firm has a team of professionals with extensive industry experience gained over the last 20 years in Asia, Africa and Europe. Global Relocations aims to become a leading provider of moving, storage and relocation services to clients ranging from multinational companies to families. They commit to providing services that are based on transparent and honest approach.

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