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Free AI Viewer is a software tool that can help users view Adobe Illustrator files that might have been corrupted for one reason or another.

There are many who tend to work with Adobe Illustrator files for professional reasons. They find themselves in a spot of bother when these files get corrupted and cannot be viewed through regular means. That’s where this software is supposed to come handy and aid in recovering data from the corrupted files.

These crucial files can get corrupted on account of reasons like hardware malfunction or power failure, which are beyond people’s control. But they can be in charge of the recovery process with the help of this Free AI Viewer app that is known for the quality of results it offers them.

This software has all the potential of being an essential tool for designers and illustrators, who just cannot do without these files. At the same time it can be used equally well by amateurs who want to work with these files for projects or personal reasons. The interface of this app is said to be quite straightforward and offers them much needed respite at the onset.

There is a help wizard that has been incorporated in the software, which makes things easier for beginners. They also find it easier to work with because there are fewer features, which reduce the chances of errors that can be involved. All one has to do to view the corrupted files is load them in the app and they will be recovered, and saved on the computer.

About Free AI Viewer

The app is meant to help users recover data from their crucial Adobe Illustrator files so that they can be used for their specific reasons.

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