New York City Artist Advocates for Women’s Rights in “No Comment” Series

New York, NY - As Best Supporting Actress Patricia Arquette declared after receiving her Oscar last month, equality for women in the United States is still a battle being fought in 2015. The quest for equal rights and equal pay has long been an inspiration for New York City artist Guy Stanley Philoche as evidenced by his “No Comment” series - paintings inspired by real New York women’s stories demonstrating the inequality in America.

“Compared to men, women are still underpaid, underrepresented in government, battered and trafficked, and it’s time we brought these issues to the forefront,” Philoche advocates. The renowned artist, whose work will be displayed at the SCOPE New York exhibit March 6-8, 2015, hopes the “No Comment” series will raise awareness of the critical issues affecting women today.

The paintings were inspired by the stories of seven New York women. Each describes the struggle American women of all ages face while striving for success. 34-year-old Kimberly is the Harvard-educated lawyer who wins case after case, and yet is expected to entertain clients as well, reduced to less than her intellect. 35-year-old Jessica is an award-winning architect whose passion is to design skyscrapers and airports, yet her high-profile firm assigns those contracts to men; instead, she is assigned remodeling projects of Upper East Side apartments postponing her professional goals indefinitely. 40-year-old Emily has authored several successful mysteries, but with a male-dominated readership her editor insists on publishing her books under a male pseudonym. No matter what her story is, Philoche depicts each woman as faceless and naked, with duct tape where her mouth would be.

Philoche, a Yale-educated, Haitian-American painter with a diverse style has painted in New York City for the last 15 years. Not only an activist for human rights, he advocates for schools to maintain their art programs and also donates his paintings to charitable causes such as the American Cancer Society and The Leukemia Needs Foundation. His “No Comment” series is just another venue for him to raise awareness for a cause he is passionate about.

In addition to SCOPE New York, Philoche will exhibit at the Chase Edwards gallery in Bridgehampton. His work can be seen year-round at the Castle Fitzjohns Gallery in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, while those in Miami can experience Philoche’s art in a unique pop-up gallery hosted on a 228-foot mega yacht through March 18, 2015.

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