It's officially baseball season in Fremont County

First game of the season! The baseball season officially kicked off Tuesday marking the beginning of a summer filled with late night games, playing under the lights, smacking mosquitoes and eating hot dogs, soft pretzels and sugary treats from the concession stand.
The Babe Ruth league’s first game was between the Colorado Rockies and the Tigers. Our soggy weather hasn’t afforded the players much practice time but you couldn’t tell from the bleachers. The Rockies main pitcher Tuesday night, Aquilo Friday, rocketed some great pitches from the mound.
There may have been a few kinks being worked out from home plate but there were still some great hits made. It was a close game but the Tigers won 8-7 pulling ahead in the 6th inning. Rich Gard acted as umpire and Jason Muhler as the field ump. Heres to a season of fly balls, home runs and stealing bases; let’s play ball!