Reflecting on Duncan's personality, impact and legacy in NBA games

For 19 seasons, Duncan impressed teammates and opponents,Gary Neal isn't the only one that feels future Hall of Famer Tim Duncan is the 'best teammate' ever.With new contract, Conley ready for Memphis makeoverYour questions: Superteams of old vs. Superteams of todayGregg Popovich had a problem.For almost a year, his Spurs had a single motivation: making right what had gone so horribly wrong the previous June, when they lost their chance at a fifth NBA championship in the most searing manner possible -- by not securing a defensive rebound.

At the exact moment Ray Allen's improbable, impossible 3-pointer went through the net, sending Game 6 of the 2013 Finals into overtime after San Antonio had blown a five-point led in the final minute of regulation, Tim Duncan was sitting on the Spurs' bench, replaced by NBA 2K17 MT Coins. It was a substitution pattern that Popovich had gone to frequently late in games, to get a quicker quintet on the floor that could switch everything defensively in situations just like this one, when the opponent needed to make a 3.

At that exact moment, Tim Duncan, on his way to the Hall of Fame, had grabbed 9,953 defensive rebounds in his career. He said not a word afterward about Popovich's strategy.In Game 7, Duncan was on the floor in the last minute, after playing heroically, with 24 points and 12 rebounds. But with the Spurs down two, Duncan came across the lane for an easy shot, a three-footer -- that he somehow missed. And then, Duncan missed the offensive rebound tip that would have tied the game as well. Miami got the rebound, and Duncan, for one brief moment, let his emotions show on the court, slapping the floor with his right hand in frustration.