Members of the Affluent Wealth Club Reaping Huge Benefits

New York City, NY.  August 4, 2015 - There are clubs... And then there are elite clubs. The Affluent Wealth Club is the latter. Like all clubs, the Affluent Wealth Club has a common purpose or goal. The Affluent Wealth Club's primary reason for being is to bring people of like mind together so they can realize wealth. Not just comfortable wealth but life changing wealth.

The members of the Affluent Wealth Club enjoy the kind of special attention not available to members of most clubs. Their membership consists of business professionals and business owners, most of whom are already successful by today's standards. Affluent Wealth Club members want more. Not just enough wealth to acquire a second home or a cabin cruiser but the kind of wealth that can literally take them anywhere they want to go. More importantly, the Affluent Wealth Club teaches its members how to protect that wealth (their physical assets) so that they can live in the future the way they are living now: a successful, luxurious, carefree lifestyle.

The Affluent Wealth Club is not just a club for VIPs who want to make incredible amounts of money. It is quite simply an adventure. The dictionary defines "adventure" as an exciting or very unusual experience. A second definition says that an adventure is participation in exciting undertakings or enterprises. The Affluent Wealth Club fits both these criteria. The normal means most people think of and use in order to improve their financial lives do not come close to the methods the Affluent Wealth Club implements in showing its members how to rapidly accelerate the various processes involved in achieving massive wealth. The Affluent Wealth Club takes its members on a new adventure every time they meet.

The Affluent Wealth Club is currently offering a limited number of memberships in their elite, VIP only, success driven club. Inquiries welcome at