Dallas, TX – KPOST Company predicts that trucking regulations imposed by The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. As of July of 2013 the administration decreased the amount of hours a trucker may work and enforced minimums on the number of breaks required.

These new trucking regulations are expected to affect any industry utilizing trucking as a method of transportation, including roofing.

“The federal government, in its divine wisdom, implemented a safety program for trucking that called for a weekly cut of 15 hours of drive time,” said Steve Little, KPOST Company president in a recent blog post. “Couple that with the 15% decline in available truckers, and we have 30% less availability of trucking. That hurts everyone.”

According to Little these regulatory changes will take up critical time and slow down the delivery process for receiving and shipping materials slowing down vendors’ ability to react quickly to customers and ultimately, “negatively impact[ing] the bottom line.”

Some product manufacturers have already begun reacting to the changes by attempting to shorten the distance for deliveries by building regional distribution facilities in hopes of saving money and time.

“Obviously having to build new facilities costs money, and that will be passed on to the consumer. While these regional facilities may make up some of the time delay, this solution will not alleviate cost increases,” said Steve.

Although cost is a major aspect that will be impacted by regulatory changes, there are also changes expected in the way in which construction companies conduct business. More expectations and insights on the affects of trucking regulation changes from KPOST Company are available via the Latest News section of their company website.

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