Announcing The Success Of Blissful Remedies Kratom Products Across The U.S. – Products Flying Off The Shelves

August 5, 2016. Announcing Blissful Remedies success across the US with their quality kratom products. Blissful Remedies kratom products are literally flying off the shelves; customers that have purchased these products are happy about the results and the good news is spreading fast. Blissful Remedies has made a huge splash with their retail products such as their super-enhanced Maeng Da Kratom and liquid kratom shots products. All these are available through their official site

Blissful Remedies was once a family-owned wholesale herbal company that was founded Las Vegas, Nevada. Their team of experts worked together with the biggest kratom company located in the U.S. before venturing into their own business entity.

Blissful Remedies became an instant hit in the public sales of their herbal remedies products with sales increasing massively in a span of 2 years. This success led to the expansion to a new business endeavor namely retail store distribution. This move led the company to close their doors to regular customers and focus instead on retail store distribution. Their kratom retail line has made many store owners across the country happy about their purchase. Jed Marskhire from Nevada, owner of SmokeShop & Vapor Co has also reported sales improving monthly because of adding kratom to his products.

Blissful Remedies has a wide variety or products sold from their official site. Their Liquid Bliss Kratom Shots, Liquid Full-Spectrum Kratom Extract Tincture and Liquid Red Vein Bali Kratom Extract Tinctures and Liquid Green Maeng Da Kratom Extract are just some of the most popular.

Aside from their liquid shots and extras, Blissful Remedies are also popular for their kratom extracts in capsule form, in resin extracts and in powder form. Their products come in a variety of formulation and are specially packaged for customers to easily identify their brand.

The use of natural, safe and effective remedies for different ailments has been one of the most important considerations for good health and wellness. Consumers nowadays are smarter and more open-minded to the use of alternative remedies that can help them secure the best of health. By using natural herbal remedies such as products from Blissful Remedies, customers can guarantee relief, safety and high quality.

More information about their products is available through their official site Blissful Remedies also ensures their products are shipped on time so that these arrive with the best quality; a shipping and tracking tool is available through their official site for customers’ convenience.


About Blissful Remedies: Blissful Remedies is a retail supply company that provides fully-packaged retail products or raw bulk herbs to stores and shops. The company supplies retailers, wholesalers and distributors across the United States. Those that would like to place an order or get to know their products can log in at their official site to view their wholesale prices.    



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