Eliminate Manhood Odor All Summer Long with One Essential Ingredient

In the summer months, there’s no way around a sweaty sack and musty manhood.  It’s hot out, and the little guy isn’t getting much in the way of ventilation down there, even when a guy is wearing shorts.  The hot, dark, sweaty conditions can lead to various unpleasant issues, including heat rash, fungal infections and irritated skin. However, the dreaded smegma can outdo all of these when it comes to that funky manhood odor. Learn how to beat the summertime blues naturally with these tips for male organ hygiene and reap the benefits of a healthier, more appealing tool. 

What is smegma, anyway?

 Smegma, a sticky white residue that forms on the male organ, and particularly under the sheath, is the biggest culprit when it comes to that distinctive fishy odor downstairs.  No man wants it, but all men get it from time to time. Though it can look nasty, the gross white stuff is not an indication of an infection or illness; it is really just a buildup of dead skin cells, dirt and oil secretions. 

Is it harmful? 

By and large, a little smegma is no big deal in the health department; but it can cause an unpleasant odor and isn’t exactly pleasing to the eye – or to a potential partner.  If left to accumulate, however, smegma can start to cause problems for a man’s male organ. Smegma buildup is often the product of poor hygiene; it creates the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, which are the source of the foul odor that most men are familiar with. The presence of smegma can also lead to balanitis – a painful infection and swelling of the head of the male organ; this often causes complications in men with a sheath, making it painful or difficult to retract the skin. 

How to deal with smegma 

In most cases, simply stepping up the hygiene routine will clear up the smegma buildup and allow the male organ to return to a normal, healthy state.  Men should wash the male organ with soap and water every day – including retracting the sheath for cleaning. In addition, applying vitamin A – a natural antibacterial agent – can help reduce the bacteria that thrive on this material. 

Beating the Summer Sweats 

So how can a man prevent smegma and keep the male organ healthy all summer long?  Here are a few easy steps that any guy can add to his personal care routine:

- Shower daily – Though it may seem like a no-brainer, all men have at one point or another opted to skip the shower and head straight for the couch, or the bed, after a long day in the sun. But skipping a shower here and there really adds to bacterial buildup; and no, a dip in the lake or pool is not sufficient to clean the male organ and rid it of bacteria!

- Wear loose clothing –Baggier shorts made from more breathable fabrics like linen and cotton will help keep the junk at a more comfortable temperature and allow for a little summer breeze to ventilate the area.  It is best to avoid denim, and especially skinny jeans, on exceptionally hot days.

- Trim the hair – The hair in the area traps the heat in close to the body, adding to the perfect storm for increased bacteria and smell.  A guy doesn’t have to go bald down there, though; even a slight trim can reduce sweating, oil and bacteria buildup.

- Apply a vitamin A crème – A male organ vitamin crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) that contains vitamin A and other male organ specific nutrients can help fight manhood odor, as well as working to smooth away bumps and rough patches on the skin.  Apply after the daily shower for maximum effect and enjoy the benefits of a fresher, more pleasant male organ.

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